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Recommended Books

For reading on educational philosophy and benefits of home education:


For the children’s sake – Susan Schaeffer McCauley

The wholehearted child – Clay & Sally Clarkson

For reading on learning styles and adapting learning to suit the individual:

Better late than early – Raymond & Dorothy Moore

The way they learn – Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

Personal testimonies

Making the Right Impression – A collection of case studies (available from CHESS)


There are questions you may have which we don’t answer.  This is simply because there are many websites already in existence  which are doing a sterling job of covering this information.

Home Education and Advocacy Hub – offers support and advice

Christian Home Education Support Service (Formerly Home Service)

The Home Education Consultancy (Fiona Nicholson)

Home Education Advisory Service (HEAS)

Tutors and Exams For GCSE/IGCSE exams (based in the Coventry area)

To stay abreast of political developments around Home Education in the UK, visit The HE Byte, which provides summaries of pertinent articles, documents and other media all in one place

Blogs of Home Educating Mums

Organic Ed – A journey into autonomous learning

Leah Boden – Living soul deep

Ross Mountney’s Notebook