Speakers and Content

Our Keynote Speaker for 2017: Alice Khimasia

Alice Khimasia is an educational thinker and blogger with radical ideas on how her children should be educated. Alice has been married to Kaushil for almost 21 years, and though once trained as a teacher, has been unschooling her four sons for the past seven years. This journey has helped her reconnect to things which are important to her: the environment, being outdoors, being quiet. Less concerned with top marks, she is offering her children a very different type of education. Alice gave a TEDx talk on Unschooling at Warwick University in October 2016 (see our articles page), and you can find her online at organiced.co.uk

Leah Boden

Leah Boden is a wife and home educating mum to 4 children; Leah and Dave are Lead Pastors of Mosaic Church, Coventry and are passionate about empowering and releasing others into all God has for them. Leah is a speaker, blogger and writes regularly for home educating publications around the world. Leah has been home educating for 9 years and uses the Charlotte Mason philosophy and methods to guide their learning days. She’s a nature lover, podcast junkie and used book collector, you’ll generally find her doing any of these activities whilst drinking coffee!

Fiona Beavan

Fiona is a mother of 11, college lecturer( former teacher), Director of Joshua’s Boxes charity, Trusteee of the Centre for Personalised Education and part-time
professional doctorate researcher. She has home educated and now flexibly educates  her youngest children. Her passion in research stems from having four ASD children, their personal battles through mainstream education, and her
fight to provide them with a more flexible, holistic and individual education.

Fiona Nicholson

Fiona Nicholson’s son was home educated all the way through and is now 24. For the last 12 years Fiona has been analysing topical issues for home educators. Fiona carries out research into local authority arrangements for dealing with home educating families, including where children have special needs. Other areas of interest are access to examinations for private candidates, 14-16 college and navigating the benefits system, as well as the impact of Ofsted on local authorities’ children’s services. Fiona  has given oral evidence on elective home education to several Government Committees and helped with running the All Party Parliamentary Group for Home Education at Westminster.  You can read more about Fiona’s work here http://edyourself.org/ http://www.ehe-sen.org.uk/ http://edyourself.org/articles/blog.php