Learn Free Conference Presented By Home Educators For Home Educators & Those Thinking of Home Educating

The aim of the conference is to Equip, Empower, Encourage & Enable home educating parents to educate their own children with


Home education offers us a wonderful opportunity to do things differently with our children, operating without the constraints of an institution.  Each year at Learn Free, our talks, seminars and workshops try to address your burning questions to enable us as parents to support our children through their home educating journey.

Learn Free Conference is for you regardless of whether you are an established home educator in need of a little encouragement and fresh perspective, new to home education and still finding your feet, thinking about home educating in the future, or simply feeling the need to connect with other home educators.

This year, due to the unexpected circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the decision to take Learn Free to a virtual platform. This was done through the Whova app, which attendees could download to their mobile phones, or access on their desktops. The event changed from a single day event, to a five day event, with around 30 speakers and sessions! We were thrilled to be able to include speakers of the calibre of Dr Peter Gray (USA), Dr Helen Lees (Italy), Martie Du Plessis (South Africa) and Dr Susie Nyman (UK), and many other local home educators who shared from their wealth of experience and knowledge. 

The virtual format also allowed us to record the live video sessions, enabling attendees to catch up on content for a significant time afterwards. Not only could we accommodate international speakers, but we were able to welcome bookings from other countries as well, as travel and accommodation were no longer obstacles to attending. We have been able to continue providing access to content after the event had ended, which meant that many more families could benefit from the excellent presentations.  

Our attendees said:

“Very interesting, it’s especially good to be able to watch back recordings at a time convenient to me – vital in fact, due to other commitments – yet still feel part of the community attending.”

“Always refreshing to listen to other people’s experiences and knowing that we made the right choice for our family.”

“Really informative.  Even gave me the chance to hear about other HE methods (e.g. Charlotte Mason) that won’t fit my family, but were spoken about by such enthusiastic speakers. I enjoyed the talks.”

“Lots of info. People willing to engage. Encouraging to hear from people who have got to the end.”

“Great to have access to others wisdom and knowledge, either to learn or confirm what I’m doing.”

“I’ve come away from it feeling renewed, inspired, and energised!”

“Just want to say a big Thank You for organising this beautiful online conference, and making it possible for us to participate. We are really enjoying it!”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to be re-envisioned, re-inspired and “meet” other home edders. It’s also been perfect timing for me as we convalesce after Covid.” 

“Thank you so much for all the organising and speakers/content. Thank you for making it possible for Learn Free 2020 to go ahead. It has been such a blessing and much needed to encourage and equip us for the year ahead.”

Email us at info@learnfree.org.uk to suggest speakers, or request to speak at a Learn Free event.