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Christian Home Educators Warwickshire (CHEW) is a group of Christian home educators based in and around Coventry, seeking to encourage other Christians in their calling as home educators. CHEW started out with just a few home educating families meeting informally in 2008.  As we began to set up regular meet-ups, our numbers grew quickly, and became known by our current name in 2010.  We currently have over 100 families associated with the group, and serve around 25 families directly on a regular basis.

Currently the group has 2 hall meetings a month for themed lessons and activities, LEGO club and board games, as well as a monthly field trip.

Individuals within the group support the wider home education community through sports activities and other clubs.


The Learn Free Vision

Juliet English hasJuliet been home educating since 1998, when she and her family were still living in Durban, South Africa.  In October 2007, the English family moved to Coventry, UK, when Larry English was offered  the opportunity to head up a charitable organisation based there.  While there were many positive aspects to this intercontinental move, the family found that there were many challenges for them as a home educating family, and less support than they had been used to in South Africa.  Once the CHEW group was established, and providing some of that support to her family, Juliet felt that she had more to offer home educators in the UK, and began considering how she might use some of her skills and experience to encourage other home educating parents.Vendors

She took her first step towards making the conference a reality early in April 2012 when she approached a local church to enquire about venue hire. With very little fuss, the date was set and the venue booked, and the first Learn Free Conference was held on 19 May 2012!  The name, “Learn Free” was inspired by the 1966 film “Born Free”.  Just as a lion born in captivity was released to return to live in the wild, to be true to its nature, so home education should be an opportunity to see our children learning naturally, as they were designed to do, without the formality and restrictions of an institution.  The foundational scripture of the conference is Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

Every year, we seek to equip, encourage, empower, and enable Christian home-educating parents to educate their own children with boldness and freedom, and it is this premise that determines the programme every year. We have been blessed to meet many home educators from all over the UK, to encourage some to use their experience to inspire others, to see individuals blossom and grow into confident parents with a sense of purpose.  It is a real blessing and privilege to serve through the conference, and we are hopeful that this enterprise will develop and grow to continue to meet the needs of home educators around the UK.


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