Learn Free Home Educators Conference was always a one-day affair in the later half of May. 2020 threw us a massive curveball, but instead of cancelling the event, we went entirely virtual over a period of 5 days, using a fantastic conference app called “Whova“. This year, we find that there is still a lot of uncertainty, and so we have decided to have a virtual event again. We found the format really flexible, accessible to a lot more attendees, and we are able to pack in a whole lot more amazing content, with the added bonus of being able to include international speakers! Of course, we would love nothing more than to be able to welcome everyone in person, but using the Whova app to engage attendees through a range of sessions, community discussion groups, resources to browse and more, is not a shabby alternative. If you have never joined us before, jump right in! This entire event is designed to give UK home educating parents the opportunity to access information, support, encouragement, wisdom and inspiration from experienced, knowledgeable and respected speakers. 

All sessions can be accessed via the Whova app

Great content, resources, and opportunities to connect

Community Discussions, competitions and more!

Access to content for up to 6 months after conference

Here are some comments from last year's attendees....

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